ChefWorld Inc Promotional Gift Certificate

If you have been invited to attend a product display and receive a gift package please bring this receipt on the day of the show. *Both bride and groom, or husband and wife, must attend. No children please.

Please fill out the following completely

Her Name:_______________________________________ His Name: ________________________________

Day of Appt:____________________ Date of Appt:______________________ Time of Appt:_____________________

Location of Appt :_________________________________________________________________________________

Authorization / Claim # _____________________________________________________________________________

On the day of your appointment you will receive the following at the product display:

1. Your choice of either:

A) Receive two complimentary wedding bands.
You will receive a gift card to go to, where you will be able to select two bands of any style and any size of your choice. Value up to $700. (S&H not incl)


B) 3 day / 2 night hotel accommodations stay for two in your choice of over 22 different USA, Mexican, and Canadian locations including

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Miami, Florida
Daytona Beach, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Las Vegas, Nevada
Anaheim, California
San Diego, California
Palm Springs, California
New Orleans. Louisiana
Nashville, Tennessee
Honolulu, Hawaii
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Mazatlan, Mexico
Acapulco, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico
Puerto Rico
St. Maarten
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Montreal, Quebec
Toronto, Ontario
Niagara Falls, Ontario


C) 3 day / 2 night all-inclusive beachfront resort accommodations package for two, exclusively from Viva Resorts in the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, or Playcar Mexico

2. A complimetary Passport To Value certificate
* Save on name brand products
* Select the coupons you want online
* Save thousands of dollars on groceries, dining, travel, shopping and attractions.

3. A 20 - 40% Distributor Direct Discount which can be used on the day of your appointment on items such as Cooking System Cookware, cutlery, flatware, crystal, and casual china.

Congratulations again for being selected for our Promotional Gift Package!

You may have questions about us, here is a list of frequently asked questions.

Do we have to purchase a product to receive the gift?

No, Absolutely not. While we would love the opportunity to introduce you to our high end kitchen products you will receive your gift just for attending our product preview show.

Does my fiance'/spouse have to attend?

Yes, this is a couples show and bringing your loved one is also part of the experience as there will be only other couples attending. Also we would like to be able to answer questions from both of you about our products and the gift package you will receive.

How did you get my name?

Our company accumulates over two million names of couples in our database every year thru participation in over 1400 bridal shows nationwide as well as advertising in bridal magazines, wedding websites, tuxedo and bridal gown shops.

What is the purpose of the product show?

Our products hold more value than is seen on the surface. A full demonstration is required to understand the full benefits. Such as Waterless Greaseless cooking, Cooking fast meals that are actually healthy for you. We will also explain the engineering and design behind our Cooking Systems.

How can you afford to give hotel accommodations out as a gift?

Some companies spend millions on advertising. Imagine the cost of a 30 second super bowl ad! Our Company uses this money to give you your gift just for previewing our products. We have partnered with a major resort group to purchase a large block of hotel accommodations throughout the year.

What about the cooking demonstration?

We will demonstrate the cooking products live the day of the show. We will invite you to taste the difference with waterless greaseless cooking. (it's not a full meal just a sample)